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Charlie Singleton, Jr. honored at flag ceremony.

How Lula Thomas Remembers Charlie:

Charlie Singleton Jr. was born never to have known his father, who was drown before he was born. He is the son of Dr. Bertel S. Thomas, what we remember of him growing up, is that he was a hard worker. He was taught to play the guitar and played with a few bands, even though he was talented, he refused to go on tour because he didn’t want to play the blues. He only wanted to play gospel music. When his sister Lula Mae was born, she had blood running from her eyes. Our mother didn’t have the money to take her to the doctor, so Charlie gave her the money he was saving for a coat for winter. Our mother told him you’re going to need your coat, but he said the baby is going to need her eyes, I can do without a coat. That was the kind of person Charlie was. As a teenager, he was falsely accused of looking into a white woman’s window. He was tried and convicted in the same night and beaten until he admitted to the crime. He was targeted because our mother wanted him to go to school and not work in the fields. Our mother did not let that slide, she called the FBI to start an investigation. She was fearless in defense of her son. Charlie worked in the cotton field driving a tractor, later to be drafted in the military out of school on June 4 th , 1969. Charlie commenced his tour of duty in Vietnam Nov 30, 1969. His rank at the time of death was Sgt E-5. He was awarded a purple heart, National defense Vietnam Service and Vietnam campaign medals. His mother often stated a day never goes by without her thinking about him, even at the age of 84 years old.

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