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Family History

Bertha Hall (Left), John Wesley Taylor (Right)

Our families were born in a small community in Louisiana known as Holly Grove. West Taylor was born to John Wesley Taylor, on April 15, 1857 (although the archives says 1855) in Kentucky and died November 24, 1916. He was better known by his nickname, “West.” Bertha Hall was born in 1858 or 1860 to Louis & Clary Hall.

Six children were born to their union, in this order: Washington (Wash), William (Will), Clara, Laura, ISAM and Albert. Louis, Tom, Mary and Slaughter were born to him by Georgianna Hall, the younger sister of Bertha. Young (Tinch), Kimble and Maggie (Daught) were born to him by his second wife Alice Wolford, they were on November 10, 1897.

George Stewart was born September 20, 1847 and died September 26, 1913. Mary Blackstone was born June 10, 1857 and died May 25, 1918. They were married around 1876-7. Thirteen children were born to their union, in this order: Isadore, Georgiana, EDNA, George II, Rosie, Janie, Ira Joseph, Della, Henrietta, Frozena, David and William, (these names also appeared in the census: Mary, Evaline and Rosina.) 

The union of Isam and Edna Taylor in 1910 paved the way for the celebration of the “Stewart-Taylor Family Reunion.” With God as our creator, keeper, and helper, we pray this fellowship will continue to promote unity, strength and love within the family. We honor our ancestors as we endeavor to perpetuate the teachings and principles that were instilled by those who laid the foundation. The marriage of Rev. Isam and Edna Taylor gave root to the beginning of the mighty Stewart-Taylor Family Tree.